KNH-Shorts #14 | Shizzle Short Film Festival

Kulturnetz Hernals präsentiert das Shizzle Short Film Festival
Kinoabend mit Kurzfilmen
im Kulturcafé Max (Mariengasse 1, 1170 Wien+ Livestream

Samstag, 24.06.2023
19:30 Uhr Einlass
20:00 Uhr Beginn

Das SHIZZLE Short Film Festival Vienna präsentiert vierteljährlich internationale Independent Kurzfilme zum Themenschwerpunkt Netze & Veränderung. In den fünf Kategorien bester Kurzfilm, bester Dokumentar-Kurzfilm, bester Österreichischer Kurzfilm, bestes Musikvideo und bester Studenten/Newcomer Kurzfilm werden im Kulturcafé Max die Preisträger:innen gekürt.



Gerald Baumann

Best Newcomer / Student Short Film
by Marie Vodickova

29min, Austria
There are those who come for entertainment. And there are others who make profit from it. To do so, they all meet in the (in)famous shopping mall Excalibur City in the Austrian-Czech borderlands, a place still called „Niemandsland“ („No Man’s Land“) by many. The film accompanies key characters who depict the specifics of everyday life at the border: two shopaholics from Vienna and a clothes saleswoman in the shopping mall.

Best European Short Film
by Alexander Armas Kereklidis Turpin

17min, Norway
4 girls are hiding in a bunker trying to understand Earth’s pain.

Best Music Video
The Story of Mafalda
by Mark Benjamin

6min, Brazil
The tragic melody of a transgender woman who was murdered by her lover.

Best Short Documentary
The last Balafon Master
by Götz Raimund & Katharina Rusch

18min, Austria
Exploring the life of Burkinabe musician Mamadou Diabaté and the art of the Seenku language, which is expressed in extend with a music instrument, the balafon.

Best Short Film
by Gary J Hewitt

7min, Scotland
A mother searches a secluded beach, determined to find a certain item, that will bring her some closure.