KNH-Zwischendecke #6

Kulturnetz Hernals presents ZWISCHENDECKE #6 mit Pauline Le Pichon
Zu sehen gibt es die Ausstellung „Asymétrie“ in der Galerie Zwischendecke
Hernalser Hauptstraße 31, 1170 Wien

Vernissage am 17.09.2022 um 19:00 Uhr


When Pauline Le Pichon started photography in the late 2000s, she quickly began to take a lot of self-portraits. At that time, she didn’t dare to take pictures of other people, so it was easier for her to take self-portraits. Exploring the question of appearances year after year, she created several series of self-portraits. And as in the selfies, she realized over time that the camera pointed at her had the power to transform her.
As soon as she turned on the self-timer and stepped in front of the lens, she created a new identity. Like an actress, she automatically put herself in the shoes of a character and gradually moved away from the faithful representation of reality.
Strangely, she rarely took her self-portraits in the presence of others, as if this change was too intimate, too personal.
With few ingredients, «Asymétrie» shows her as a photographer and as a model, talking about the moment when she leaves the real to reach the fake.
With this work, she shows how she was deceived by the photographic medium, and at the same time, how she can deceive the viewers. If you look at her images without reading her artist statement, you may think that these images are backstages of photoshoots with her twin sister. But this isn’t real. These photographs are staged and faked. She doesn’t have a twin sister.
So, in a society overrun with images and fake news, she encourages the viewer to step back and check the information given before believing it.

Pauline Le Pichon is a French visual artist living and working in northern France.
She graduated from the École Supérieure d’Art et de Design de Valenciennes in 2014.
In her work, she plays with the photographic medium by multiplying ambiguities.
The artist asks many questions to the viewers so that they can appropriate each image and imagine their own stories.
Her work has been exhibited in numerous French and international art venues such as Bienniale d’Issy, Hybrid’art, CICA Museum, Rugby Art Gallery and Museum, Fotogalerie Friedrichshain…
Her séries «Asymétrie» has been pre-selected for the Mentor Prize in 2021.

Eine Veranstaltung von Forum Kulturnetz Hernals
Kuration: Mag. Roman Lechner